Terms and Conditions


Car transports or so-called car salvages must be booked via email or on a form on the company's website. Any rebookings or changes must also be notified in writing. The booking is only confirmed when the customer has received a confirmation email.

The Swedish Trucking Association's liability provisions apply with the following exceptions:
The goods must be fully prepared for transport and any reservations announced before the transport begins. For example Damage, special equipment, inside and outside the car

SS Transport's responsibility begins when the carrier takes care of the goods for loading.

When reserving future booking dates / destinations, we require 100% of the price paid before the departure date of the car transport.
This is to reserve and insure your place, time and destination.

SS Transport's liability ceases when the goods have been delivered to the agreed location.

Before disposal and after delivery, the sender and recipient are thus responsible for risk and insurance.

We advise you that your vehicle must be fully insured when it is to be transported.
If your vehicle does not have insurance (parked or race car), you are fully responsible.

SS Transport is not responsible for loss of or damage to goods for the following reasons:

  • Error or omission of sender, recipient or their agent.
  • The goods' own nature to be easily damaged, for example by breakage, leakage, rust, sensitivity to cold and heat, absence of or defective packaging.
  • No liability is accepted for any deterioration or damage that occurs in the event of
    transport of damaged & crashed vehicles and ready-to-scrap vehicles, whether for the vehicle, the ground or objects / load aids placed under the vehicle.
  • Circumstances beyond the carrier's control and maritime transport performed
    of the shipping company, where the shipping company's transport conditions apply.
  • SS Transport has the right to refuse transport assignments without further explanation in case of suspicion of criminal intent, or other irregularities in connection with the booking.
    SS Transport also reserves the right to refuse transport assignments from customers who behave threateningly when booking, against the driver, or other staff, otherwise does not accept the current transport conditions.
  • If the recipient of the car refuses to receive the car, the transport buyer will be charged for any new costs that arise as a result of this refusal, such as waiting time, set-up or return transport.

    Complaints regarding any transport damage must be made immediately to SS Transport, or no later than within 24 hours or the next working day after receipt. Complaints must be made in writing.
    Pictures and explanation of any transport damage are sent to: info (at) SS Transport

    Complaints received later than 24 hours are not taken into account.


    SS Transport works with the Police and the Swedish Customs when it comes to smuggling illegal objects or drugs.

    The team at sstransport.se can do spot checks on vehicles that feel suspicious and ask the police and customs to scan the cars.

    for questions and answers about what is legal and do not contact customs:

    * drugs
    *stolen goods