We care all the way.

We work daily mainly with car transports from Sweden to Europe. After our long experience in the field, we have a motto we value highly. We care all the way.

You as a customer with us should feel secure when you use us as a carrier. With our tools and our direct contact without intermediaries, you get quick answers and information about the status of your transport with us.

Forget long waiting times without answers and drivers who communicate in foreign languages, we work with high quality for our Swedish customers.

Car transport through Europe

From Sweden to Spain and back, always fixed price, fast and affordable.

Refrigerator & Freight Transport

We drive every week from Stockholm to Spain with freight transport for moving and refrigerated goods.

Follow the transport with real-time GPS

In order for you to feel confident in us, we send a GPS link (SS-Secure) via an SMS in connection with you leaving the car.

Special transport

We have the experience and the opportunity to perform special transports. Nothing is impossible and we are always eager for new challenges, maybe you should go with a wonderful group and visit a racing track or attend an event in Europe? We solve transport back and forth, contact us for cost suggestions.

Select locations to see your car transport price

Sweden - Spain

The same prices apply regardless of whether Spain is a pick-up or drop-off location

Price example

Gothenburg and the surrounding area and the Norwegian border
from 17000 kr (one way).


Southern Sweden
from 15600 kr  (one way) .


Stockholm and central Sweden
from 16500 kr (one way) .

We have good references

Read what people think

During the very many years that we have been active, we have of course gathered a few things about us.

Just want to say big big thank you !! You are truly the best in the business! (And it comes from a person with many years of experience in haulage) I am so incredibly satisfied with your service, your customer service and how smoothly and professionally you handle everything. Can highly recommend sstransport.se to everyone who will transport their car. I have sent my car three times now, and it has gone so quickly, smoothly and safely with you. For those of you who are not so experienced in sending your cars, I will tell you that sstransport does what the others do not.

With kind regards,

Rickard Eriksson
Rickard Eriksson

When we were moving to Spain, time was short so we did not have time to drive the car ourselves. I then called sstransport and they helped me exemplary! They kept the time frames, no wonder with the price. Answered when I called- available! A fun detail was that I could always see where the car was via the link. Will use the same company again next time I need similar service.

Creative Photography

Reliable! Nice! Fast! Affordable!
We are super happy with SS Transport and will hire them more times!

Hanna Swahn

Transport - How it works

Our service of car transport between Sweden and Spain is simple.

  • Booking of your transport is most easily done via our website. You can choose a desired date for when you want your transport to take place.
  • Payment is made directly on the website. You will receive confirmation by email.
  • We will contact you regarding your transport and suggest a date that matches your wishes.
  • You leave the car with us ready for departure. We write shipping documents (CMR) and review the condition of the car with you and document this before departure.
  • We arrive at our final destination where you meet us and receive your car again.
  • Track your transport with our GPS tracker
    You also get your own GPS tracker code on sms before driving. With us, you can follow your car transport with us via our modern GPS system that constantly updates your car position in real time.
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Questions & Answers

Between what times can you hand in your cart?

In fact, it goes well any time of the day!

Where do you drive the first load from?

Our cars always start from our depot in Stockholm.

Can I have other objects in the car during transport?

Of course you can have it, as long as the car can be driven safely during loading and unloading. We have zero tolerance for illegal objects in our transports.

Can you load my driveway outside my villa?

In most cases, we will agree with you on a pick-up location that is suitable for both of us. As we use large crews, we do not have the opportunity to drive into a residential area.

Can someone other than me leave / pick up the car during transport?

Of course we can do this. When booking, you are welcome to notify us so we can identify the person in question who picks up / leaves the vehicle.

Do you only transport cars or can you transport other goods?

Contact us for special transports, we do our best to find a solution.

Contact Us

Here you have a form that you fill out if you want to contact us or book a transport. You can also call us at: +46 (0) 70 894 21 98 .

Note! Change in price as a result of increased costs for fuel.

Prices may vary with prevailing circumstances and the varying fuel prices. Please fill out the form below or call us and we will get back to you with correct prices!